OXTi is a Revolutionary Company for…

e-Design and Manufacturing (eDM) services and technologies, to globally established Leading Players of varying industries.

Our business is in a high growth trajectory fueled by the extensive demand of the many Global Corporations to exploring/developing futuristic technology to e-Enable their product and business model. So far, OXTi has pioneered and spanned itself across varying industries ~ Electronics, Banking, Super-mart, e-Commerce and even Ergonomic powerhouse, etc.

As Singapore has always played a significant role as a global business window to the various open-trade continents (ASEAN, China, EU, India, USA, etc.), with HQ based here, it provides OXTi the much-needed spring board into the various digitizing industries and their respective sphere of technology growth.

The world has never been so connected and revolutionized… the demand to digitize one’s product and business has never ever been more exigence!

Best e-Design and
Manufacturing Service Provider

Our Mission

To be a world class high-value-added e-Design and Manufacturing (eDM) service provider, offering state-of-the-art e-enabling solution to our diversifying global customers of varying industries.

Our Vision

To use our e-Design and Manufacturing (eDM) capability and e-Biz philosophy to help Global Corporations develop and digitize their core competence to provide e-Enabled products and services to their respective industry; designed to better human needs and support social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Our Core Values

We are guided by the core values of “Innovation, Professionalism, Environmental Awareness, Work-Life Balance and Fun”.